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Winter Lesson Packages

Hone your game over winter with great value lesson packages!

As we move into winter, many golfers decide to put the clubs away until the fair weather returns. Rather than doing this and returning to golf next spring out of practice, why not make the most of the winter and use the time to work on your swing!

I offer a variety of lesson packages available this winter which are geared towards improving your technique and ability to score well on the course, allowing you to enter the golfing season ready to hit the ground running!

Individual lesson packages can be purchased in the following forms:

3x 60 mins

6x 30 mins

6x 60 mins

10 x 30 mins

10x 60 mins

All packages offer great value compared to pay as you go lessons and each package is tailored to the individual. Lessons can take place on our driving range, Indoor Simulator, short game area, putting green or on the course, allowing us to cover all aspects of the game!

In addition to this I have a new on course lesson package. This gives you 3x 9-hole on course lessons which will cover technique in all aspects of the game, course management, pre shot routines and psychology. Each 9-hole lesson is followed by a 30-40 minute chat analysing the game and formulating a plan take forward.

So instead of spending the winter thinking about golf, use this time to improve your skills and become a better golfer!

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